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Dental Career

We are DENTAL ACCOUNTANTS that take pride in helping dentists make smart business decisions.

Business Education

As the CEO of your Dental Career or Dental Practice, it's important to understand the business basics of dentistry. Like a CEO of a large company, you aren't expected to know nitty gritty details of how everything works (like filing taxes), but we think it's important to understand things from a high-level. can blindly take advice from others and hope for the best...

Here are some of the most important topics you will need to know as you navigate your career. 
  • Tax Tips

  • New Doctors

  • New Practice Owners

  • Understanding Taxes

  • Managing Your Practice

  • Debt, Investing, and Retirement

  • Personal Financial Tips

  • QuickBooks Tips

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March 23, 2017

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Services We Provide

Rooted Wealth is a member of the Thomas, Wirig, Doll CPA family (aka TWD).  TWD has serviced dentists and doctors for over 40 years with their accounting and financial needs. 

We have a custom package for new graduates. Designed to be affordable, but still enable you to have the resources you need to make smart decisions early in your career.


We give you financial statements that make sense and do it within 15 days of month end, or your money back. No joke.


We focus on two things when it comes to your taxes. (1) Minimize taxes as much as legally possible and (2) Prepare for tax liabilities months before the tax deadline.


When it comes to making big financial decisions, we have you covered. From retirement planning, practice acquisition, or student loans, we


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