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No body likes to pay more taxes than they have to pay. Here are some tips that will generally help you as a dentist reduce your tax liability.

Rent Your Home to Your Practice for a Business Meeting

As a business owner, it is a good idea to have regular meetings with managers and business advisors where you discuss important decisions

for the business and your strategic goals. If you are organized as a corporation, you are required to have such meetings; we call them board

meetings. These types of meetings can be held anywhere, but let’s say you hold it at a local hotel conference room. The cost incurred for renting

the conference room and any food purchased would be considered an ordinary and necessary business expense and fully deductible from your

taxable income. Additionally, instead of renting a room at a hotel, you have the option to rent a room…at your house. Yes, your business can rent

a part of your house to have a business meeting.

Setting Up a Home Office

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Maximizing Tax Benefits of Your Automobiles (COMING SOON)

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