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The Thomas Wirig Doll Story

Rooted Wealth is a member of the Thomas Wirig Doll family. Thomas Wirig Doll was founded in the 1970s. Throughout the years, Thomas Wirig Doll as expanded its services to meet the changing environment of dentists and doctors. Today, the company provides tax, bookkeeping, financial consulting, pension administration, and wealth management to thousands of doctors throughout the country. 
New Dentist Package

We understand the challenges new dentists face. With massive student loans, rising interest rates, and a competitive work enviroment, it can feel intimidating to enter the workforce and look at the road ahead. Despite the opstacles, we feel optimistic about the future of dentistry, and we want to help you navigate the road ahead. Regardless of how new your DDS or DMD label may be, we have a service for you.

$ 500

Student-Debt Analysis Debt vs. Invest Plan Tax Preparation Tax Planning & Strategy

$ 1500

Student-Debt Analysis Debt vs. Invest Plan Tax Preparation Tax Planning & Strategy Personal Budgeting QuickBooks Subscription Practice Acquisition Planning Practice Analysis Business Training *Restrictions Apply

Practice Accounting & Bookkeeping

The technology around accounting has changed dramatically over the last several years. Your day to day accounting should be painfree and affordable. There is no reason you cannot expect timely financial statements in a format you can understand. 

Easy to Understand

Don't have a degree in accounting? Don't worry. We have you covered. Our financial reports are simple to understand and we walk you through the things you need to know.

Get Financial Statements Fast

If you don't get your financial statements within 15 days of the month-end, you get your money back.


We can do everything for you. No need to send files, slave over data entry, or entrust your Office Manager with the details. We do it all.

100% Digital

No papers needed...ever

Tax Preparation

Tax season is every season. We do everything we can to file your tax return on time (no extensions) and then work throughout the year to plan and strategize for next years’ taxes. In the fall of each year, you should have a good idea about what you will owe (or not owe) come April of the following year. 

No Extensions

We hate it when our clients go on extension. Each year, less than 10% of our clients go on extension.

Tax Strategy

Let's attack your taxes and find the best strategy to minimize your tax liability.

Tax Planning

Lets get ready for next year. The sooner we estimate next years taxes, the sooner we can get ready. There's no reason you can't plan ahead.

Financial Planning

Your career is full of critical decisions. Should you take a certain job? Should you buy a practice? Should you start a retirement plan for your office? When can you retire? We can help you make the right choice. 
Practice Search

Looking at buying a practice. We know what you need to know before you jump in to buying a practice.

Practice Integrated Wealth Management

Do you have a financial goal you want to reach? Buying a house, getting out of debt, etc... We can help incorporate your practice goals with your personal goals.

Retirement Planning

When are you going to retire? How much money do you need? We can help.

Student Loans

Should you refi? Can you qualify for debt forgiveness? Should I invest my money or pay down debt?